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What is Virtual PBX (Virtual Private Branch Exchange)?

In this article you will read about virtual PBX, in other words hosted PBX. In today's world, almost every business needs a phone system that offers high quality services. With the help of a virtual PBX, even a small business can adopt a technology that bigger corporations use in particular. If you have a virtual PBX you do not have to spend on a physical phone system which is more expensive. Virtual PBX can help to make communication better and faster within a company so it can be more productive.

Virtual PBX is a service that is provided by a service provider. If you use Virtual PBX, your phones connect to the PBX system of the service provider via the Internet (Figure 1). One advantage of Virtual PBX is that you do not have to deal with the maintenance of a PBX system and one disadvantage of this is that if there is no Internet connection, your phones in the office will not work.

Figure 1 - What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a simple PBX. This PBX provides a telephone system service that you can subscribe for. After the subscribtion you gain access to the center. This access depends on what kind of subscription you made. If you want more lines to your call center it is possible to buy a package in which you have the number of lines you need.

You will get an account that enables you to access these phone lines. You will also get a phone number where people can reach you. If there is an incoming call, the phone center transmits the calls to your phones by some kind of strategy. You can set the strategy in the phone center as you want. All phones can be set to ring when there is an incoming call and it is also possible to set the lines to ring after one another.

Features of Virtual PBX

  • customizing music on call-holding
  • sending fax without a fax machine
  • free conferencing
  • fax messages and voicemails are delivered to your e-mail address
  • you can use the phone system anywhere you subscribed for but you need an Internet connection. It connects via a VoIP provider.
  • handling the equipments needed for virtual PBX services


The server's task is to establish communication lines between endpoints of communication.

Roles of PBX

  • connection establishing
  • keeps connection
  • disconnects calls
  • records data, like statistics

Types of PBX
  1. PBX
  2. Hosted or Virtual PBX
  3. IP PBX
  4. Hosted or Virtual IP PBX

Ozeki Phone System is a software PBX. It can be used to provide virtual PBX services or it can be installed in your office to provide standard PBX services in your LAN. Ozeki Phone System is easy to configure and it provides an advanced way of communication.

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What is Virtual PBX?

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