Ozeki Phone System 10

Quick Start Guide

The following quick start guides are really short and easily understood tutorials that make it quite simple to use the most excellent Ozeki APIs. Many example source codes are available in several programming languages to help you in finding out how to do basic tasks and get started quickly.

Before downloading the software, it is recommended to check the hardware and software requirements. For getting more information about how to start using the full version without any limitations, please take a look at the product activation guide. If your software is ready to use, let us discover it:

How to send and receive SMS messages in Ozeki Phone System
Take a look at the following turorials if you are interested in SMS messaging. Find out how to send and receive SMS messages in the most effective way. Get to know how to add advanced SMS functionalities by developing unique applications.
Proceed to SMS Messaging quick start guide

How to receive incoming phone calls in Ozeki Phone System
This topic provides useful articles that explain how to receive phone calls in the most effective way. The guides in this section demonstrate how to build advanced VoIP functionalities to manage the voice calling and make it more customised.
Proceed to Phone Call Managing quick start guide

How to make phone calls in Ozeki Phone System
These tutorials help you to create an application that allows you to initiate an outgoing phone call and make a list of previous calls with the API. Get to know how to manage the outgoing call traffic and call logging according to your specific needs.
Proceed to Web Telephony quick start guide

How to create an alarm system with Ozeki Phone System
After reading this guide, you will be able to create an application, which can complete your security system with Ozeki Phone System. With this upgrade, in case of alarm it will be able to send text messages and makes calls to those people whose phone numbers have been set in the application.
Proceed to alarm system quick start guide
How to use the OzML Autodialer
This guide presents how to build an Autodialer in your Ozeki Phone System using an OzML script. The given OzML script makes it possible to dial several telephone numbers simultaneously. You can use your own database in which, you are able to add call parameters.
Proceed to OzML Autodialer quick start guide

How to use the OzML Appointment Reminder
This guide explains how to tune an Appointment Reminder in your PBX using an OzML script. Study the script, presented in the tutorial, that enables to get an automated call/SMS/e-mail on your phone if you have a meeting. The other attendand will also be notified about your confirmation/rejection.
Proceed to OzML Appointment Reminder quick start guide

How to use OzML IVR
In this guide you can see different ways of making an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in your Ozeki Phone System using an OzML script. You will see an OzML script and different ways of using it, like with your PBX, database or webserver.
Proceed to OzML IVR quick start guide

How to display an HTML popup window when my phone rings with JavaScript API
In this tutorial you can find a great way on how to follow your calls easily using JavaScript API. The guide consists of 5 steps and many examples to help you create an HTML popup window. By displaying it, it is quite simple to receive notifications about the calls made through your own website.
Proceed to HTML popup window quick start guide

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at  info@ozekiphone.com

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