sendMessage(message) method

If a call object is added to the program, this method can run on it. It is used to send a message to the other party of the call.


message: Type: string. The message to be sent. e.g. "Hello, this is a test message"

Possible Exceptions:
Will throw an exception if no message is specified.

Method usage example

In this example we make the myFirstCall object in the call class, we set the called number and start the call. Finally we send a message from our program to phone number 1000 (Code example 1).

var calledNumber = "1000";
var myFirstCall = OzWebClient.createCall(calledNumber); //constructor of the call

myFirstCall.start(); //starts the call

//sends a message to the recipient
myFirstCall.sendMessage("Hello! I'm sending this message from my application."); 
Code example 1 - sendMessage(message) method example

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