accept() method

If a call object is added to the program, this method can run on it. It is used to accept a call coming to your application. To reach your application you need to find out your actual phone number, every time an application connects to the Ozeki Phone System with the OzWebClient.connect(serverAddress, token) command, it gets a phone number. You can get your actual phone number, from the return value of the OzWebClient.onConnectionStateChanged method (info.PhoneNumber).

Method usage example

To use it first you need to register to the onIncomingCall event. This is to make sure your webclient knows when it gets an incoming call. If your webclient receives a call then the incoming function is called. In that function you can accept the incoming call (Code example 1).

OzWebClient.onIncomingCall(incoming); //registers to the onIncomingCall event

function incoming(incomingCall) {
	incomingCall.accept(); //accepts the call
Code example 1 - accept() method example

In the second example you learn how to get the actual phone number of your connected webclient. The ozekixepbx.ip will be the IP address of your installed Ozeki Phone System.

OzWebClient.connect("ozekixepbx.ip", "myGeneratedSecurityToken");

function connectionStateChanged(info) {
   console.log("your actual phone number is: " + info.PhoneNumber); 
Code example 2 - Get your actual phone number

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