onCallStateChanged event

If a call object is added to the program, this event can occur on it. It occurs when the callstate of a call changes. The callstates can be: "RINGING", "NOT_FOUND", "REJECTED", "HOLD", "IN_CALL", "COMPLETED" and "BUSY".

Callback method input parameters

callstate: Type: CallState. The actual state of the call.

Event usage example

In this example we make the myFirstCall object in the call class, we set the called number and start the call, then we check the callstate of the call and hang it up if the call is not in "RINGING", "IN_CALL" or "HOLD" state (Code example 1).

var calledNumber = "1000";
var myFirstCall = OzWebClient.createCall(calledNumber); //constructor of the call

//registers to the onCallStateChanged event
myFirstCall.start(); //starts the call

function callStateChanged(state) {
   if (state != "RINGING" && state != "IN_CALL" && state != "HOLD")
     myFirstCall.hangUp(); //hangs up the call
Code example 1 - onCallStateChanged event example

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