attachCamera(camera) method

If a call object is added to the program, which state is "IN_CALL", this method can run on it. It sends a video stream to the other party. The parameter should be an instance of the OzCamera class. This is usually a webcam, connected to the PC. You can accept the video stream, with the setRemoteDisplay(displayId) method on the other party.


camera: Type: Camera. A camera object, which will be connected.

Possible Exceptions:
An exception will be thrown if the camera was not specified.

Method usage example

In this example, we start a call and connect a camera to it.

First we make the myWebCam object in the OzCamera class and the MyFirstVideoCall object in the call class, then we set the called number. After it, we register to the onCallStateChanged event. So whenever the state of the call changes, the callStateChanged function will be called. If the state changes to "IN_CALL", the myWebCam object will be connected to the call. The attachCamera method can only be used in "IN_CALL" state. (Code Example 1)

var calledNumber = "1000";

//constructor of the myWebCam object, the default camera is used
var myWebCam = OzCamera.getCameraByName(); 

//constructor of the call
var myFirstVideoCall = OzWebClient.createCall(calledNumber, CallType.VIDEO); 

//registers to the onCallStateChanged event
myFirstVideoCall.start();	//starts the call	

function callStateChanged(state){
  if (state == "IN_CALL") //if callstate is "IN_CALL" then
     myFirstVideoCall.attachCamera(myWebCam); //attach MyWebCam object to the call
Code Example 1 - attachCamera(camera) method example

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