How to setup Ozeki Phone System with Trixbox

Trixbox is a PBX software that is based on Asterisk. With Trixbox, you can place your phone calls using VoIP technology. If you use Ozeki Phone System you can build an efficient application with VoIP support. In this guide you can learn how to connect Ozeki Phone System to Trixbox.

VoIP technology is one of the continuously evolving technologies nowadays. It offers lower costs than traditional PSTN calls, and flexibility to use your existing network architecture to make phone calls.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms, phone service over the Internet. VoIP technology is based on converting voice data into network packets. Your existing network architecture can deliver these packages to the destination phone.

Ozeki Phone System offers the ability to utilize the advantages of VoIP technology, and place phone calls over the Internet.

In this guide you can read about how to make your first steps, and connect Ozeki Phone System to yout Trixbox PBX.


If you follow the steps of this guide, you will have a system which is connected to Trixbox PBX and works as follows: First, you need to install your Trixbox server. After the installation, you need to create an extension which Ozeki Phone System can use to connect to it. After the registration you can start to place your phone calls via Trixbox PBX. Figure 1 demonstrates the process:

connection with trixbox
Figure 1 - Connection with Trixbox

  • Install Trixbox in your network environment.
  • Login to Trixbox and create an extension for Ozeki Phone System.
  • Ozeki Phone System will register to Trixbox using this extension.
  • You can start calling your contacts.
  • Trixbox PBX will call your contacts via Ozeki Phone System.

Configuration steps

Before you begin, it is assumed that you have already downloaded and installed Trixbox in your environment.

Step 1.) Install Trixbox

Install your 3rd party PBX on your computer or virtual machine. More important to realise that your PBX and Ozeki Phone System should be in the same local network. Run installation, it will automaticly formatting and reboot your computer. After the default options ( keybord type, time zone ) add your password and start installation of the pbx. That will be the server reboot. Log into the Tribox with root username and the password which you gave reviously. You can configure over GUI with console setup:

install trixbox
Figure 2 - Install Trixbox

Type the next command to install 3rd party pbx.
This will open network console, select edit device and check your network device. Finally type enter your ip,subnet,gateway details then save it. You should check and Edit DNS configuration reboot the network service:
#service network restart
You can reach you trixbox from remote browser with username and password which you added at installation steps. After that you can start configure 3rd party PBX's SIP account for Ozeki Phone System connection.

Step 2.) Create a SIP account

In this example, I have installed Trixbox in a server which IP address is Open your web browser and navigate to the web interface of Trixbox.
In this guide it will be:
Once it is done, click on switch next to User mode (Figure 3).

navigate to trixbox web interface
Figure 3 - Navigate to Trixbox web interface

Enter the username and password to switch to Admin mode. By default, the username is maint and the password is password (Figure 4).

login to admin interface
Figure 4 - Login to the Admin interface

After login, click on PBX Settings at the PBX drop-down menu (Figure 5).

click on pbx settings
Figure 5 - Click on PBX Settings

Click on Extensions at the Basic menu (Figure 6).

click on extensions
Figure 6 - Click on Extensions

Select Generic SIP Device at the Device list, and click on Submit (Figure 7).

select generic sip device
Figure 7 - Select Generic SIP Device

Provide the details of the extension you wish to create at the Add SIP Extension form. Enter the register name into the User Extension field, the display name into the Display Name field, and the password into the secret field (Figure 8). Once it is done, click on Submit.

provide extension details
Figure 8 - Provide extension details

I will use extension 100 to register Ozeki Phone System into Trixbox. Click on Apply Configuration Changes to save the changes (Figure 9).

apply configuration changes
Figure 9 - Apply Configuration Changes

By reloading the config file, your settings will come to effect in Trixbox. Click on Continue with reload to apply your changes (Figure 10).

reload your configuration
Figure 10 - Reload your configuration

By reloading the configuration, the configuration of Trixbox is done, and you can start to configure Ozeki Phone System.

Step 3.) Configure Ozeki VoIP provider to use the created SIP account

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