How to setup Ozeki Phone System with FreePBX

This guide shows how you can connect Ozeki Phone System to your FreePBX. This solution gives you a brief explanation about how you can configure Ozeki Phone System as Voip Provider connect with FreeBPX .

Ozeki Phone System uses Voice over IP to establish phone calls. Using VoIP technology is less expensive than traditional phone services. With Ozeki Phone System you can view your registered phone line and your active phone calls. You can establish calls using Ozeki Phone System. You can also select the codec to be used during the phone call.

This configuration guide demonstrates how you can connect Ozeki Phone System to your FreePBX.

System architecture

If you follow the configuration guide, you will have a telephone system that works as follows: First, create an extension in your FreePBX. Ozeki Phone System will connect using this created extension. Once Ozeki Phone System is connected, you can start your calls. The destination phone could be a VoIP phone, a land line phone or a mobile phone. You can see this process in Figure 1.

calling contacts via freepbx
Figure 1 - Calling contacts via FreePBX

  • Ozeki Phone System registers to FreePBX.
  • The call will be forwarded to FreePBX using the created extension.
  • The destination phone will be ringing.
  • You can start talking using the Ozeki Phone System.

Configuration steps

Before you start to configure this solution it is assumed that you have already installed your FreePBX and downloaded Ozeki Phone System installer from the download page.

Step 1.) Install FreePBX

Connect your 3rd party PBX with Ozeki Phone System. The computer where you install PBX will be a virtual machine or a computer. Start with a simple installation to co-operate with Ozeki Phone System. Follow the installation guide at FreePBX wizard. After the automatic install reboot you should add the location and your local IP address which you want to use for 3rd party PBX.

install freepbx
Figure 2 - Install FreePBX

The installation need to add local password for logging in. You can add your own password, you can reach from remote with web browser. Finally, you can check your IP if you log in as "root" and with your new "password". More important to realise that your PBX and Ozeki Phone System should be in the same local network. First time when you log in, you should create your own account.

freepbx login page
Figure 3 - FreePBX login page

When the installation finished you should log in with new account into web browser and set the SIP account.

Step 2.) Create a SIP account

In this example I have installed FreePBX on a computer and its IP address is You can reach and configure FreePBX through its web interface. In order to configure FreePBX navigate to the IP address of your installation using your web browser and click on the PBX Administrator icon (Figure 4).

freepbx in your browser
Figure 4 - FreePBX in your browser

Login with as administrator with password you set during the installation (Figure 5).

login as administrator
Figure 5 - Login as Administrator

Once you logged in, click on Extensions (Figure 6).

click on extensions
Figure 6 - Click on Extensions

Now you can add an extension to your configuration. To do this, select Generic SIP Device from the Device list and click on Submit (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Add a generic SIP device

Fill the User Extension, Display Name and the SIP Alias field, and scroll down the configuration form (Figure 8).

configuration fields
Figure 8 - Configuration fields

Provide the SIP password at the secret field. In this example it will be abc123 (Figure 9).

provide sip password
Figure 9 - Provide SIP password

Once it is done, click on Submit (Figure 10).

click on submit
Figure 10 - Click on submit

To apply the new extension, click on Apply Configuration Changes at the top of the page (Figure 11).

apply configuration changes
Figure 11 - Apply configuration changes

The changes will be applied by reloading the config file of the PBX. Click on Continue with reload.

reload configuration file
Figure 12 - Reload configuration file

Once it is reloaded, the configuration of FreePBX is done and you can configure Ozeki Phone System.

Step 3.) Configure Ozeki VoIP provider to use the created SIP account

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