OZEKI Phone System - HTTP API Commands

The HTTP API is an API available for the Ozeki Phone System that allows calls to be created, controlled and monitored, it also allows SMS messages to be sent. This is an easy to use API that can be accessed through HTTP. It can be used by call center developers, CRM developers or by any developer wishing to interact with calls taking place in a PBX.

HTTP request commands
These commands are called using HTTP requests (HTTP GET or HTTP POST requests) initiated by the Business Application.
Api Extension Control requests:
CallCalls a number with a programmable API extension to make operations on the call later on.
SendAlarmNotificationThis command can be used to send an alarm notification with Ademco Contact ID protocol.
SendEmailThis command can be used for sending e-mail messages to e-mail addresses.
SendSmsThis command can be used for sending SMS messages to mobile phones.
Third Party Call Control requests:
AttendedTransferIf getting a call, you can put it on hold and call a 2nd number, then connect the call with the 2nd number using AttendedTransfer.
BlindTransferTransfer the call during the conversation, and leave the conversation.
ForwardForward a call by ID to another number if it can not be answered.
HangupTerminates a call in progress by ID.
HoldPuts both legs of the call from InCall state to Hold state by ID.
ListActiveCallsList calls in progress in the system with detailed information.
PlayPlays an audio file (local or downloaded from URL) in an existing call for the parties respectively.
RecordRecord a call in mp3 or wav format.
SendDTMFSend a DTMF message to a participant
SpeakReads a text using the text to speech engine into a call in progress.
UnholdPuts both legs of the call to InCall state by ID.
System Configuration requests:
AddConfigAdds an extension configuration to the system.
GetConfigGets extension configuration details of 1 extension from the system.
ListExtensionsLists configured extensions in the system.
ListExtensionTypesLists available extension types in the system. It is useful for SetConfig and ListExtensions commands to specify the extension type.
ModifyConfigModifies already existing extension configuration in the system.
RemoveConfigRemoves an extension configuration from the system.
Reporting requests:
GetCallHistoryIs used to search in the call history. The details of the search can be specified.

If you do not want unauthenticated users to give commands to the Ozeki Phone System using the HTTP API then you can ask for their username and password. A user can give his/her username and password as parameter in every command. Find out more about user authentication.

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