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The SendSms command is used for sending SMS messages to mobile phones.

To send an SMS you need to connect to an SMS modem or an SMPP server. Find out how you can connect to an SMS modem. After you connect you need to set up a dial plan.

You can see below how to use this command in a HTTP request and what HTTP response you will get from the phone system. If the SMS's delivery status is known then an SMSDeliveryReport notification will be sent by the phone systems(Figure 1).

sendsms application example
Figure 1 - SendSms Application/XML example

Request parameters

Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
command string value, SendSms Specifies the type of the HTTP API command. Yes
ApiExtension int value,
e.g. 9994
Specifies which api extension is added to the command. Yes
Sender string value,
e.g. %2b061554669
The phone number the recipient will see as the sender. Defaultly it is the phone number set in the SMS modem installation using Ozeki Phone System. No
Recipient string value,
e.g. %2b062554670
The destination phone number. Yes
Message string value,
e.g. Hello+world
The content of the message. Yes
DeliveryReportURL string value,
e.g. http%3a%2f%2fxyz.com%2fdelivery_received.php
The SMS delivery report is sent to this URL as a notification. No
These parameters are only required if office user authentication is set in the HTTP API:
Parameter name Value Description
Username string value,
e.g. user1000
This is the username of an Ozeki Phone System office user.
Password string value,
e.g. mypassword12
This is the password belonging to the username.

Response parameters

Parameter name Value Description
Code int value
(200, 300, 301, 302, 303, 501)
Returns the status code of the response. For more infromation go to the status code reference page
Message string value,
e.g. Command successfully executed
Returns the description of the response code. For more infromation go to the status code reference page
SmsId string value,
e.g. 6b5c6978-0cd6-4a58-86fc-3d1b279b9201
This parameter only appears if the SMS was successfully sent. This is the ID of the SMS.

How to use it?

Step 1: Connect an SMPP server or an SMS modem to Ozeki Phone System: Connections/Outside lines/Install new

Step 2: Set up a dial plan to the SMPP server or to the SMS modem using Ozeki Phone System: Connections/Dial Plan/Add Rule

Step 3: Send an SMS using a HTTP request as seen in the picture above.

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