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The Record command records the conversation in a call. When the call finishes, a RecordCompleted notification will be sent to the specified URL. One of the parameters of the notification is the RecordURL parameter which contains the path to the recorded call. The moment the recording starts it is saved in the Ozeki Phone System HttpRecordings folder. You can see how to use this command in a HTTP request and what HTTP response you will get from the phone system (Figure 1).

record application xml example
Figure 1 - Record Application/XML example

Request parameters

Parameter name Value Description Mandatory
command string value, Record Specifies the type of the HTTP API command. Yes
CallId string value,
e.g. XzeOK
The call ID of the call you want to record. Yes
Format string value,
(mp3 or wav)
The file format you want the call to be recorded. Defaultly it is mp3. No
FinishedURL string value,
This is the URL where the RecordCompleted notification is sent. No
These parameters are only required if office user authentication is set in the HTTP API:
Parameter name Value Description
Username string value,
e.g. user1000
This is the username of an Ozeki Phone System office user.
Password string value,
e.g. mypassword12
This is the password belonging to the username.

Response parameters

Parameter name Value Description
Code int value
(200, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 601)
Returns the status code of the response. For more infromation go to the status code reference page
Message string value,
e.g. Command successfully executed
Returns the description of the response code. For more infromation go to the status code reference page

How to use it?

Step 1: There must be a call between two extensions. Use ListActiveCalls command to find the call ID of the call you want to record. You can find the CallId in the response, between one of the <CallId></CallId> nodes.

Step 2: Initiate a record using a HTTP request as seen in the picture above. Paste the call ID you found in Step 1 in the CallId parameter of the request.

Step 3: This step is not mandatory. You can use the recording by downloading it from the IP address given in the RecordCompleted notification (RecordURL parameter).

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